Ratings and Recommendations

Complement IVA trailers with even more movie and TV related content. Reviews, ratings, box-office numbers and more are available from these content partners.

Common Sense Media

Get age appropriate reviews of movies by our expert editors.


Built for service providers, content providers and consumer electronics manufacturers, Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery® enables personalized discovery experiences that instantly connect consumers to the most relevant movies, TV shows and live events available, at any time, on any screen. The company is guided by the belief that consumers should not have to work to find relevant content—the content should find them.

The Filter

The Filter offers recommendations for movies, music, games, and TV across all devices. They are fully configurable across a wide range of services and business rules, and their unique taste segmentation ensures the right content is recommended to each consumer at the right time and place.


Use GoWatchIt to discover where the movies you want to see are available on the services you care about. Keep track of your movies and receive alerts when they become available. You can also see what your friends are watching, and plan a movie night. GoWatchIt brings you the movies of your choice the way you want to watch, whether in Theaters, on DVD or Blu-ray, Online or On Demand.


Metacritic’s mission is to help consumers make an informed decision about how to spend their time and money on entertainment. We believe that multiple opinions are better than one, user voices can be as important as critics, and opinions must be scored to be easy to use.


ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine broadens customers’ tastes with a unique personalized experience for live linear TV, VOD and over-the-top, delivered through multiple platforms including the set-top box, Web, IPTV, tablet, mobile, and more. ThinkAnalytics’ technology services more than 130 million viewers, across 16 countries worldwide.

XRoad Media

XRoad Media (Cross Road Media) provides content discovery, personalization and recommendation services to companies in the digital media industries. Ncanto, our cloud- or server-based back-end solution, helps our customers to increase user satisfaction rates, revenues and profits.