Celebrity API

Celebrity API

Celebrity API

IVA’s Celebrity API contains over one million people with birthdate, biographies, alternate names, movie and tv filmographies. Celebrity images contain rich facial analysis including face detection and position, age, landmarks, pose, and emotions.

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Inside the numbers

Celebrity data is a great addition to any data set. The data and images in this collection can be used to create additional pages, dynamically generated content, more time on site or in app, and more. Test drive the data in our Celebrity Data Demo.

Total Records
Total Images (photos and portraits)
Distinct People Images
Image Tags

Key Celebrity Data Points

Link back to the programs and movies directly from the celbrity and create a solid mesh of interconnected data.

Images Array of photos and posters including type, size, tags, primary flag, violence score, and sexuality score.
Filmography List of movies, shows, and episodes the peron has appeared in.
Biographies A list of biographraphical descriptions from public sources.
Alternate Names Alternate names the person has been known as.