Seven Reasons to Market to Boomers

  |   Research and Statistics

Everybody wants to capture the attention of the almighty 18-49 demo, but we shouldn’t forget about the power of the 50+ demo.  Take a look at these statistics from the United States Census Bureau as reported by AARP (who else?)  They’ll give you seven good reasons you should be marketing to boomers.




  1. Biggest demographic – 43% of adult population
  2. Boomer bulge – 88% of Boomers are already 50+
  3. Buy more – 47% of all consumer goods
  4. Most assets – 75% of discretionary wealth
  5. Fastest growing – 3x times faster than 18-49
  6. Longest lasting – dominant demo for next 40 years
  7. Leisure time – they have time to go to the movies!

U.S. Census Bureau