All Access

All Access

Be the authority on everything entertainment.  Includes access to the full IVA data, image and video catalogs for all of film and TV history as well as over 7,000 games and 2 million celebrities.  The most data and flexibility to build comprehensive entertainment experiences and support your innovative use case.  Includes logins to Media Manager, an interface for editors.


Monthly Cost: $2500

Solution For: Major Publishers, Retailers, Pay TV Operators, Mobile and IPTV Device Manufacturers, OTT Services, Entertainment Portals, etc.

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Content Coverage

  • Movies: All movies including historical films like The Great Train Robbery (1903) to the newest blockbuster titles coming to theaters.
  • TV:  All TV shows, seasons, and episodes from Gunsmoke to the newest shows released across all major broadcast, premium and cable networks as well as streaming services.
  • Game: All games from nostalgic titles like Pac-Man to the hottest new releases.
  • Celebrities: Detailed information about all celebrities in database.
  • Availabilities:  Territory, pricing and links to titles available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, HBO Now, Google Play, Fandango, Atom Tickets, and linear TV dates/times for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS and more.
  • Trending Data:  See titles and their rank which are trending across Social Media, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, Physical Sales, Ticketing Revenue, Publisher Sites and Trailer Plays with daily updates.
  • Collection Data:  Movie and TV shows organized by Iconic Characters, Authors, Shared Universes, etc. with film series having sequence numbers and media franchises all grouped together such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sample Pages That Can Be Created using All Access Product

Series Illustration
Episode Illustration
Theatrical Illustration
Movie-Illustration Image
Title Page Illustration
Celebrity Page Illustration
Game Illustration

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  • The most content to engage entertainment fanatics of all kinds
  • Create hundreds of thousands of pages programmatically
  • Logins to Media Manager, an interface for editors
  • Help viewers find which digital service offers the titles they want to see
  • Increase ad revenue or sell through of physical/digital entertainment products
  • Capitalize on daily trends to programmatically feature titles to drive higher user engagement and/or sell-through
  • Fuel recommendations of other programs
  • No restrictions, endless possibilities

Content Details

Movie Metadata

  • Title(s)
  • Release Dates
  • Budget
  • Box Office Cume
  • Cast, Director, Writer, etc.
  • Runtime
  • Official Site URL
  • Companies
  • Descriptions
  • Ratings and Certifications
  • Genres
  • Tags
  • Ticket Availability with links to Ticketer
  • Matched IDs

# of Titles Included

TV Metadata

  • Title(s)
  • Air Dates
  • Type of Show (Reality, Scripted, etc.)
  • Network
  • Cast, Director, Writer, etc.
  • Runtime
  • Official Site URL
  • Companies
  • Descriptions
  • Genres
  • Tags
  • Streaming/Download Availability
  • Matched IDs

# of Series Included

Game Metadata

  • Title(s)
  • Release Dates
  • Official Site URL
  • Companies
  • Descriptions
  • Genres
  • Tags
  • Matched IDs

# of Titles Included

Celebrity Metadata

  • Name(s)
  • Birth Date
  • Death Date
  • Facebook ID
  • Instagram ID
  • Twitter ID
  • Wikipedia ID
  • Biographies

# of Celebrities Included


  • Posters
  • Stills
  • Language of Poster
  • Sexuality Rating
  • Violence Rating
  • Celebrity pictured
  • Celebrity emotion in picture
  • Celebrity facial features
  • Celebrity Portaits
  • Tags

# of Images Included


  • Title
  • Video Type (Trailer, Clip, Behind-the-Scenes, etc.)
  • Language Spoken
  • Language Subtitled
  • Target Country
  • Length of Video
  • Source Resolution/Aspect Ratio
  • Available video formats (MP4, HLS, DASH, etc.)
  • Has Explicit Content or Not
  • Video Play Analytics

# of Videos Included