Movie Showtimes and Ticketing

IVA can now offer IVA clients access to movie showtimes and ticketing through Fandango, the most expansive online ticketer in the U.S.  Using the Fandango Showtime and Ticketing APIs is an easy way to help your users find theatres nearest to them for the movie they want to see.

Available Data

Theatres:  Get information on all theatres in the United States that ticket with Fandango.  Identify theatres in an area based on city/state, postal code, or lat/lon.  Easily narrow results to just theatres that are playing a particular movie.  Theatre information available includes name, address, phone number, and available amenities (e.g., – reserved seating, stadium seating, wheelchair accessible, mobile ticketing, etc.) for each theater in the Fandango system.


Movies: Get showtime and basic information on all future and current theatrical movies in the Fandango system and narrow results to just movies playing in a particular area based on city/state, postal code, or lat/lon.   Includes IVA Entertainment ID in response.


Showtimes: Get movie showtimes for all theatres that ticket with Fandango playing a particular movie in an area, for all movies playing at these theatres, or for all movies at all of these theatres in a specified area based on city/state, postal code, or lat/lon.  Basic theatre information, basic movie information, and all performance amenities (e.g., 3D,  no passes, etc.) are provided with the showtimes.  Link showtimes in your application out to Fandango to allow for ticket purchases.


The Fandango Showtimes and Ticketing API requires agreeing to Fandango’s Terms of Service.


  • Help your users find the movies they want to see and where to see them
  • Provide showtimes directly on your site or app and grow engagement rates
  • Offer ticketing from the most expansive online movie ticketer in the U.S.
  • Combined with IVA Solutions, create powerful content discovery through transaction