My Video and Program

The My Video and Program solution is a way for clients to upload their own data and video content and connect it to an Entertainment ID in IVA’s database.  An example of a use-case would be a client who makes a video review about a movie, TV show or game and wants to connect the video to a particular title in IVA’s database to be displayed on the title page in conjunction with other IVA trailers and clips.


Data about the video is open so clients can add what they want and upload the video where IVA will create MP4 videos at different bit rates as well as various adaptive formats such as HLS, HDS, HSS and DASH.  Video links can be played back across any screen and is compatible with video platforms.


  • Connect your own video content to a movie, TV show or game
  • Easily add your own videos in conjunction with IVA trailers and clips
  • No storage costs for clients
  • Leverage your own videos on social media platforms
  • Reach any screen and monetize your content as you see fit