Spotlight on Video Metrics: Facebook and IVA

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Facebook announced that they will be rolling out new metrics for both paid and organic videos that are uploaded to brand pages. Currently Facebook provides page owners with the number of views a video gets. The new metrics will add unique views and average duration of video views to the mix. Facebook defines a ‘view’ as video that plays for three seconds or more, so “unique’ views are also predicated on the three-second definition. They will be splitting views out by organic and paid and letting you know how many views reached the end or some point in between. It’s a good addition to their analytics.

IVAnumberNerdsThe Number Nerds at thought this might be a good time to remind everyone that IVA has been providing detailed metrics on our trailer views for quite a while, including views and unique views. Our definition is triggered by a request for the video to our servers. We also provide the ability for studios to track views across a date range as well as compare the views a movie title gets to an index of views for all theatrical ‘A’ titles, or just comedies, or dramas, or sci-fi, or horror. We can break out views in the US from views in Germany, or Australia, or the UK. Clients can look at how many views were on mobile devices, or on Safari vs Chrome or IE. Well, you get the idea. We think our metrics are pretty strong. We even have white papers on how to look at and use our information wisely: Views vs Viewers,  Thirty Reasons People Watch A Movie Trailer, and Tracking Trailer Plays: What Does A “Play” Mean?

So while you’re in a metrics kind of mood, clients can log in to Media Manager and see how your trailers are doing. If you’re a supplier and want to know how your movie trailers are doing, contact Matt Kuhlen at for a special report.