Want to Grow Subscribers to Your Streaming Channel For Free? Here’s How.

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You have launched your new streaming channel with movie and TV content. However, “build it and they will come” is just a field of dreams. You need to market your channel. Ad buys are expensive. Press releases might get picked up but fizzle. Where is the best bang for your buck? Better yet, what can you do to market your channel for FREE? Taking a look at the streaming ecosystem, there seems to be a blind spot on one of the most effective ways to drive potential new subscribers.


Let’s first look at how potential subscribers find out about your service and the titles on it. With so much content for consumers to choose from, getting your titles or service in front of them is a challenge. A new study by Hub Entertainment Research shows that 4 out of 10 subscribers subscribe to a new service just to watch an exclusive show. Of those who signed up to watch that one show, 77% kept their subscription.  That is a big win for your channel.  Promoting your original content across all channels can help grow your subscribers. Make sure you have a trailer too! Hub Entertainment Research says that 64% of the 18-34 year old demo watch a trailer before deciding to try a show for the first time.


So how do prospective subscribers learn about movie and TV shows? In a Tivo study, they report that commercials or ads drive 49% of that discovery, word-of-mouth 43%, social media 33%, suggestions in my TV channel guide or other menus 31%, advertising on streaming or online video services 25%, and browsing through streaming apps 23%. With the diverse ways that potential subscribers learn about new movies or TV shows, as a streamer it is in your best interest to promote everywhere and anywhere. A walled garden approach limits your reach and with all the content that is available, you need to be aggressive in showing why your content is worth a potential subscriber’s time.


The above proves how important content discovery is to your service. You can empower websites and mobile apps to not only help with discovery of your programming but to add links directly to the content from their articles or title pages. These websites and mobile apps are trying to solve one of the top consumer pain points which is to have one place to browse and search all content that is available on streaming. The Tivo study showed that 88% had interest in browsing and searching all content from a single menu and of those, 35% were extremely interested. Having links to your content on as many websites and apps will only lead to more traffic back to your channel.


Internet Video Archive (IVA) provides a suite of data and services to help businesses that are engaged in helping consumers find what to watch. More streaming services are providing feeds or APIs where IVA can match to its own database of movie and TV content and add your services’ title links for our clients to make it easy for their users to click and view a particular title. Providing a bounty on new subscribers through an affiliate program incentivizes them even more to showcase your links. IVA does not charge streaming services for providing feeds or APIs and by adding your links to IVA, you can reach millions of potential subscribers at no cost.


We would be happy to discuss how to add your links to our service. Contact and join other forward thinking companies.