Tablet Owners See the Most Movies and Cite Previews as Source of Info

  |   Research and Statistics

Yes, we love our tablets here at IVA, but now we love tablet owners too.

According to Nielsen NRG’s American Moviegoing Report for 2012, tablet owners attend 20% more movies in a year than the average movie goer. ¬†Smartphone owners attend 9% more movies.

We love our mobile friends for another reason too:

¬†“Viewing previews is the most frequently cited source of online movie information,” according to Kathy Benjamin, Senior Vice President at Nielsen NRG.¬†

More stats on tablet owners

  • They saw an average 47 movies per year, 10 more than the average moviegoer
  • They spent 35% more on entertainment each month
  • They are 27% more likely to see a film more than once
  • They are 24% more likely to buy tickets to a film online

So, friends, if you’re still thinking about making your previews optimized for mobile, think about these tablet owners, and then get movin!