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IVA’s Top 40 Movie Trailers for 2014

IVA's Top 40 Trailers for 2014This year there were over 800 movies released theatrically in 2014, which means IVA was hard at work distributing trailers for those films along with clips, scenes, samples, and cast interviews to our clients.  Here's our Top 40 trailers for...

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31 December
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Put the IVA Charts to Work for You

The weekly IVA Charts were introduced initially as a tool for our partners at the movie studios who we knew would be interested knowing how their movies were doing, as well as keeping an eye out on the competition.  Tracking trailer plays is a great...

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28 August
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IVA’s Top 40 Movie Trailers for 2013

[caption id="attachment_21311" align="alignleft" width="128"] Man of Steel[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21341" align="alignright" width="118"] Iron Man 3[/caption] The movies listed below were all released in 2013. All trailer plays for a title were counted, even if they occurred in 2012.     IVA RANK  TITLE  STUDIO  BOX OFFICE RANK  1  Man of Steel  WB  4  2  Iron Man 3  Disney  1  3  Despicable Me 2  Universal  3  4  Oz The Great...

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03 January