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1. TRAILERS ON THE MOVE Movie trailers are no longer limited to the four walls of a theater.  TV previews are no longer limited to the same channel the show airs on.  Game trailers are not just a marketing tool but an instructional tool. All this complexity is what IVA’s business is all about.  We manage all these kinds of trailers but create more opportunities to promote.

50greatesttrailers2. GREAT TRAILERS The successful release of a new video game, TV series or movie starts with the creation of a great trailer.  The key question for any trailer maker is, “How much of the product should be shown to create interest but not ‘give away’ the plot?”  We’ve seen thousands of trailers at IVA over the years, and we’ve seen how interest can turn on the strength of a trailer.  The answer to how much to show is “It depends.”  Item 3 explains why.

3. PUSH AND PULL Trailers may be the most important part of multi-step, multi-media and multi-channels marketing campaigns but they are not the only part. Trailers can be used as both ‘push’ and ‘pull’; introductions and closers; targeted or wide reaching. Our promotional partners create the trailer they think best suits each release for every marketing point of a campaign.  Teaser trailers are now coming out more than a year ahead of release; some movies may have ten or more trailers ahead of release targeting very specific audiences and behaviors.

IVA has built a system that accommodates multiple trailers in multiple languages in multiple markets.

phonetrailers4. EVERY FORMAT Once a trailer is made it needs to be wherever people watch trailers. Today that means on phones, on laptops, on tablets, and on TVs.  IVA watches new technology like a hawk so that we can ensure that any trailer we handle gets to every screen. 

5. STRONG DISTRIBUTION Getting trailers out to consumers also means having relationships with the sites and apps that people use for content discovery.

IVA has an affiliate network that rivals Google. Consumers may not know IVA, but they know Fandango, Flixster, Verizon, The New York Times, Comcast, B&, and Yahoo.  


OK, we bragged a bit here.  But we think our numbers deserve it:  

350 million fans, over 4 billion plays.