The #1 Entertainment Related Information? Movie Trailers and Previews

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The Diffusion Group recently published a report on how online consumers find and interact with ERI, Entertainment Related Information.  One of the key findings is that trailers and previews are the most important ERI for online consumers.

Here’s a closer look:  

Who Uses Entertainment-Related Information?  76% of all online viewers read/view ERI.  The highest engagement came from 18-24 year olds (57%) and the lowest came from 55-64 year olds (35%).  The other segments are linear between these extremes.


What Are The Most Important Types of ERI?  Movie trailers/previews are the #1 most important ERI to online consumers.


 Type of Entertainment Related Information      Importance 
         Movie trailers / previews       65%
         Schedules / Release dates       57%
         Analysis / Reviews       47%
         Celebrity Interviews       47%
         Viewer discussion / comments       42%
         Celebrity relationship news       36%
         Snippets / posts from celebrities       31%


What Sources Are Used to Access ERI?  Online video viewers access ERI via a variety of online sites with varying degrees of frequency.

 Sources Used to Access ERI   Daily    Weekly    Occasionally
 Yahoo / Google homepage    37%    65%    87%
 Social media sites    38%    52%    72%
 News / TV show sites    24%    56%    84%
 Friends / family    20%    54%    86%
 Show / movie / celebrity sites    13%    36%    61%
 Gossip newspaper / magazines    13%    40%    72%
 Gossip sites / shows    12%    50%    72%


About the Methodology

The study surveyed 2000 online video viewers aged 18 to 65 in late 2012 and early 2013.  This data was supplemented by other original research by TDG.  The main focus of the study was to investigate and quantify the extend to which social entertainment information is used for second-screen of social TV activity.

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