There Is More Than One Way To Cook A Movie

  |   Commentary

Promoting a movie is sorta like cooking:  you have your ingredients, and your equipment, and your guests, but you might use different recipes on different occasions.  Let’s look through the prism of cooking at some recent movie’s promotional recipes.

 CARRIE      662,000      20,793       1,982    1,297      46
 GRAVITY      448,000      10,553       3,446  16,570      13
 ESCAPE PLAN      240,000      14,371      1,681  15,577        9
 MACHETE KILLS      216,000      11,662      1,675  12,114      16
 THE COUNSELOR      148,000        6,429      1,106  17,008        8


Clearly the folks behind CARRIE at Sony Pictures think the best
way to promote a scary movie is with a slow roasting just like
back in the middle ages.  It is kind of like cooking barbeque….
the slower the better as long as the fire doesn’t go out.
They started promotion a year in advance.



The grill masters at Summit Entertainment (ESCAPE PLAN)
and at Fox (THE COUNSELOR) believe in high heat for just
a few minutes….burnt on the outside but still bleeding in the
middle.  They didn’t start promotion until July.


Gravity The chef’s at Warner Bros. (GRAVITY) and
Open Road (MACHETE KILLS) think there is a
middle way.  Keep things hot…but not too hot
and not for too long.


So, several movies with several marketing recipes, and different appetites from the guests at the box office.