Time for Total Video

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From_TV_to_Total_Video_mediumComScore has just released a white paper which advocates new thinking on the part of advertisers and content owners when it comes to the shift away from traditional TV to digital viewing online.  Andrew Lipsman, the author of the white paper, advocates for a more holistic and unified approach to measuring video views in order to give everyone, advertisers and publishers alike, a better sense of audience.

IVA has touched on this in our presentations to TV content owners in that we believe promoting a TV series on a continuing basis online sets up not only viewing for the next episode, but also introduces new  viewers to the series who can now catch up on older episodes online, and even help with sales of the DVD or Blu-ray while still setting up viewership for the new season yet to air.

The comScore white paper, titled from TV to Total Video,  is well thought out and worth the read.  You can download it for yourself here.