Trailers #1 Vehicle for New TV Show Discovery

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Here’s a fun number that we at IVA like a lot: 

39% of the respondents in a recent survey said that trailers for new shows on TV is the most common way they discover a new show. 

Here are the details:

The survey was a joint project by Ovum and Avid and involved an online questionnaire of 3011 consumers from the US, UK, Germany and Brazil.  The goal was to identify patterns of consumer activity, how they discover new shows, and whether the viewing platform affected discovery, engagement, and loyal viewing.


Among the findings, 65% of the respondents said that high quality shows were a key driver of engagement. The report also shows 14% of the consumers responding to the survey said they are testing out new shows on laptops, tablets or smartphones. Interestingly, if they like a show, 30% return to appointment-based viewing.

Finally, among the questions about viewing behavior was one about how audiences discover new TV shows.


How Audiences Are Discovering New TV Shows (all age groups)

Discovery Approximate % of Respondents
Trailers for new shows on TV    39%
Channel surfing    21%
Friend’s recommendations    17%
Reviews in magazines/newspapers     9%
Recommendations on social networks     6%
Recommendations on video sites     4%
Billboards/outdoor advertising     2%
Source: Ovum/Avid, November, 2013


  Trailers have worked for movies for years, and we were not surprised to see that they were number one for TV as well.  What this means going forward is that the more places a consumer can see a trailer the more chances there are to make that consumer a fan.  Increasingly, that means making sure the trailer is online.  With over 5 billion online trailer plays under our belt, IVA can help.