Trailers #2 Most Watched On Mobile Devices and Still Going Up

  |   Research and Statistics

The percentage of consumers watching movie and TV previews on smartphones and tablets has gone up. According to the Q1 Video Trends Report by DigitalSmiths, 14.4% of consumers watched previews on their smartphones, 1.3% over 2014. This puts movie and TV trailers just behind full-length films and news as the most watched content on smartphones.

0102There is a similar increase, though not as dramatic, with iPads/tablets: 21.4% of consumers watched movie and TV previews, up .2% from 2014. Perhaps due to increased screen size, trailers are firmly in second place, again behind full-length films, for the most watched kind of content on tablets.

The number of consumers who do not own a smartphone or tablet continues to fall, about 3% each year. At the same time, the amount time people spent watching videos on these devices increased even faster: consumers who watched 2 to 5+ hours of content grew 5.2% from last year. In fact, every block of time above one hour a week has gone up since last year.

The message is clear for anyone featuring entertainment on their site or app:  make sure your trailers are optimized for mobile.  Trailers from IVA are optimized for all screens, and if you use our player, we optimize for people on the move so that the highest resolution format is always the one shown.


(Statistics and graphics courtesy DigitalSmiths)