Trending Data to Improve Your User’s Entertainment Discovery Experience

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If the holy grail in the entertainment business is making content discovery easier and more intuitive, then knowing which movies, TV shows and games are trending today would be a jewel in the chalice.  The problem is that everyone has a trending list for what is trending on their service but there is no global way to monitor trends in entertainment.  


Internet Video Archive (IVA) has taken a new approach to this complex problem with the launch of its new Trending On data.  What if you looked at what is trending across the internet and tracked the different services where those lists were generated?  By classifying the entertainment world into different service types and capturing the movie, TV and game titles trending rank on a daily basis on those services, then the results can be segmented to match your business.  IVA created the following classifiers for sorting trending content:


  • Social Media
  • TVOD
  • SVOD
  • AVOD
  • Physical
  • Ticketing Revenue
  • Publisher Sites
  • Trailer Plays


By providing trending data based on the list name, brand names and classifiers, customers using trending data can customize the data based on their needs.  If you wanted to see what is trending on TVOD, that would be very different than titles trending based on trailer plays. If you are a publisher, having a featured new trailer based on which trailers are trending will drive more page views while what titles are hot on TVOD would enhance digital retailers’ sales.  


IVA’s goal is to help customers utilizing its extensive movie, TV and game database to programmatically surface the titles that are trending today.  Automating trending data can reduce workflows, help sort content and programmatically set featured titles, knowing you are putting content in front of your audience that has the most consumer interest.  For publishers, it can increase engagement rates and drive more page views. For SVOD and AVOD services, it means less viewer browsing and more watching and for TVOD and ticketers, it can increase sell-through. IVA will be capturing the history of which titles trend, which lists it appeared on and its rank each day.  This data could be used to create predictive modeling on the success of future titles.


IVA offers its trending data as part of its Entertainment API that includes metadata, images, trailers, streaming availabilities, and connects to APIs for EPG data for North America, Fandango’s showtimes and ticketing, Metacritic ratings, XRoad Media’s recommendations, and’s captioning and translation APIs.  


For more information about how to implement the Trending On data for existing clients, click here.  To see our trending charts, click here.


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The Grail of content discovery is within your grasp when using our new Trending On service.