TV Promos Still #1 in Driving Viewers To New Shows

  |   Research and Statistics

councilforresearchexcellencelogoThe Council for Research Excellence released a new study this week which shows that TV promos are still the most effective driver of the decision to view new shows.

Or as the IVA Number Nerds would put it: TV Previews Rock!

The study ,”Talking Social TV 2″, is a follow-up to the 2013 “Talking Social TV” study by CRE. Only 6.8% of respondents reported being prompted to see a new show after they saw something on social media while 39.7% of viewers were prompted to see a new show after seeing a TV promo or commercial. Promos also dominated the results for returning shows: only 3.3% of respondents reporting seeing something about a returning show on social media vs. 9% reporting seeing a promo or preview for the show.

Additional findings include 8.9% of viewers found new shows by flipping channels while 6.1% found returning shows by flipping through channels. Program scheduling was an important generator of new show discovery to 10.2% of respondents who saw a new show because it followed a show they had just watched. For viewers of a returning show, just 4% stuck around after the show they just viewed.

About The Study  The study was conducted by Keller Fay Group and fielded by Nielsen Life360. It was based on 78,000 mobile-app diary entries that were submitted by 1,700 participants aged 15-54. Additional findings are scheduled to be released later this spring.

About The Council for Research Excellence   CRE consists of 35+ senior-level research professionals who are all Nielsen media clients.