Blog Bigger Than HBO GO!

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This just in:

Sandvine data shows there are more people watching other people play video games online than there are people watching “Game of Thrones” and “Veep” on HBO Go.


That’s the kind of interesting stat that the IVA Number Nerds love to dig into. In this case we love it because it gives us a chance to remind all you marketing people that IVA has thousands of video game trailers in our library, (over 7000 as of this writing) and we get more in every day.

Here are the details from Sandvine. HBO Go represented 1.24% of all residential traffic during peak times in the first quarter of 2014. represented 1.35% during that same time period. So more people were viewing streams of people playing video games than were watching “Veep” or (Yikes!) “Game of Thrones.” We should note that HBO Go is only available to subscribers of HBO. But HBO Go is widely regarded as a big success story inside the industry, and we would agree that it’s growth has been terrific. Neither of the audiences for or HBO Go are big enough to make Vines Top 10, but they still represent significant numbers of people.

The Number Nerds are fans of both Twitch and Game of Thrones, so we’re happy to see both of them showing such nice traffic, and we want to promote both TV shows and video games. So if you are thinking about more than movies for your site, we say “add previews for video games and TV shows”. There’s an audience out there. Sandvine just proved it. Here’s a link to the complete Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena report.