Using Postman To Test Entertainment Express Queries

  |   Developer Tips

Entertainment Express is a very simple yet powerful API that will get trailers on your site quickly and easily with minimal back end development. Read the documentation and look at the examples on our website for full details on choosing the right version and how to implement. If you want to jump right in or just want to test queries with your own data quickly for a proof of concept, try Postman!

Postman is an extension for Chrome that can be added to your browser to test the Entertainment Express API and review the results.

  1. Install  the Postman extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Go to this page with your application key and secret token to generate a bearer token.
  3. Open Postman by clicking on the extension in the upper right of your browser.
  4.  Click on Headers and add header = Authorization and value = Bearer {Generated Token}.
    Ex: Authorization Bearer pf9GJCJ2ipn-XGlDTDlopcfBKQj67pbXMoSd7k_O4GJlCV1wXFnUNb6YHroGBz_w_9OccPDq8lVel1XfzQc2dhLw1wdfyAQDGdWAC_3e7MbDOetXEBHZXVSuOK1MdIpvZKWohQI5MZFBUb8TcL6H9tzOl5fOflTYtaCAiF5t2sL-BGAYzBcEnmK4PKwqM7kSABmIrR7r-mTTRhyhM_LEKbGij99Cw_NLrhkJ__BPuLaRHAcD-vH9MYg2savvBwEC_hWAlaiEaQs9GNMx0u0Tq7gWwQ4
  5.  Enter in a URL to test and click Send to see a response.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.