Video Quality Up, But Consumer Patience Down

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VA’s Number Nerds have a lot of respect for our tech team and for the time they spend making sure we are always up to date on the latest improvements in delivering video. Sometimes it’s better speed, or less buffering, or higher resolution, or automatically detecting bandwidth and adjusting the quality of the video to match. It’s a good thing too because according to the latest research from Conviva, consumers have gotten much less patient with glitches in video quality, even as video delivery continues to improve.



Here are some of the findings from Conviva’s 2014 Viewer Experience Report which was based on 45 billion global video streams, on 1.6 billion devices during the course of 2013.




Video Quality in 2013:

  • Video buffering decreased from 39.3% to 26.9%
  • Low-resolution delivery improved from 63% to 43.3%
  • More than two in five views were grossly inferior video quality
  • Video start failures increased to one in twenty times


Viewer Expectations

The Conviva report states that “viewer expectations continue to increase at a much faster pace. In the past two years, the amount of time lost from a viewing session with a 1% buffering increase, grew from three to eight minutes, showing that viewers were much more tolerant of video playback problems just two years ago than they are today.”

“The demand for high quality and minimal buffering across devices has clearly been demonstrated by viewers,” stated Hui Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Conviva. “Our job, and that of our industry, is to ensure we improve performance at a rate that offers satisfaction rather than frustration. ”

Now, aren’t you glad IVA spends so much time worrying about the quality of our video delivery?

About the Viewer Experience Report
The 2014 Viewer Experience Report highlights trends extracted from data provided by the 45 billion streams that Conviva analyzed across customers, geographies and devices in 2013. These streams were seen across more than 1.6 billion individual devices – including tablets, smartphones, PCs and connected TVs – and on more than 400 premium media video players. Recording detailed, real-time information on each and every viewer’s experience during every viewing session, Conviva data offers an unparalleled view into the habits of streaming video viewers and more importantly, the direct correlation between video quality and its impact on the business of online video providers.

About Conviva 
Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform enables online video providers to deliver a TV-quality experience over the Internet. This real-time big data processing platform utilizes advanced algorithms to give content publishers control over video delivery, helping them analyze, identify and preemptively avoid bottlenecks and breakdowns in a complex and fragile Internet delivery environment.  Conviva’s global customer base includes premium entertainment, news, sports and media brands, as well as leading service providers in 180 countries. Conviva is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York and London.