TV Network? What’s A TV Network?

  |   Commentary

A new report from Market Watch indicates that, among Millennials, it is becoming harder and harder for them to identify the shows that comes from traditional TV networks. Other than Netflix, whose shows were brand-identifiable by 65% of those polled, most TV networks were simply not registering with this new, ever-growing set of entertainment consumers.  Only 31% of those polled could match the TV show to their respective networks. Market Watch’s conclusion when it comes to these networks?  “[There’s] work to be done as their promotional efforts need to be more precise in order to be effective.”

In a entertainment landscape populated with more TV shows than one individual can possibly watch in a lifetime, it’s essential that networks find their way to break through the noise.

One way for networks to do this and get their programming–and their brand–out in front of a wider audience right at the moment consumers are deciding what to watch is to make sure their series, season, and episode previews are part of IVA’s digital network. IVA is an integrator of trailers for CBSi, Dish, Time Warner Cable, and other high-traffic search-and-find online resources, providing unequaled levels of promotion, all at no cost to networks.  

Just putting promos on YouTube should not be the end of a network’s digital promotion.  IVA viewers are actively engaged in deciding what to watch and are browsing through program grids to get to pages with a TV show’s metadata, images, tune-in time, and if working with IVA, a promo video.  These are the viewers networks need to reach.

NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, A&E, and others have been using IVA for years to distribute their TV previews, recognizing the value that our service provides.

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