This Week’s Buzz: The Cabbage Patch Kid Effect in Movies and TV Shows of Today

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This week, the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer dropped and sits at #7 on our Trending Movies Coming to Theaters list.  The trailer showcases 80’s fashions like padded shoulders, Members Only jackets and fanny packs as well as break dancing and the music of New Order.  The 80’s has sprayed its neon colors on today’s culture with TV shows like Stranger Things, The Goldbergs, Snowfall, Pose and Glow or movies like recent releases It, Bumblebee and a slew of 80’s movie remakes rumored to be released including Escape from New York, Clue, and Splash.  

The 80’s are seen by today’s generation as a simpler time with its burgeoning technology, synth-laced music and bright palettes.  For the generation that grew up in that time, it makes you nostalgic for your youth and the iconography is familiar.  Also, it is fun to share with your kids what life was like back then.  

For content creators, you get a chance with two generations for the price of one.  I am sure many parents have watched Stranger Things with their kids and told them about how cool tube socks were then.  My 12 year old son even dressed as Billy from Stranger Things for Halloween this year.  

On the Trending TV Show list is a new series that just debuted last week on Netflix called V-Wars and has jumped 26 ranks to #8 today.  Based on a comic series, a fast-spreading disease turns its victims into blood suckers as the last of humanity must fight to survive. The title is popular with audiences on publisher pages like Rotten Tomatoes.  Feast on it if you dare.

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